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Will cheating ever stop? Outlook proves doubtful

Lyric Cauthorne, Assistant Doubletruck Editor

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As the year progresses, school work gets more difficult and students have to start applying prior knowledge to complete their assessments. For the students who study, the transition is simple. But, for students who did not try as hard in class as others, it becomes more difficult to keep up. For some kids they just go to coach class in hope of catching up with the other students, but others will fall behind and find themselves further and further behind from their classmates. This falling behind is causing students to cheat on their classwork, tests and homework.

In a poll taken by the sophomore AVID class, 23 of the 28 students said that they have cheated before. They said that if they understand the information then they would try to do it themselves, and then they may look at another student’s paper to see if the other person got the same answer.

“I cheat off of smart people,” one PHS student said. “I cheat off of the kids with good grades, and I can tell they get good grades by the way they act in class.”

In most classes, classwork is worth 40-55 percent of a student’s overall grade. Due to this, students know that if they are not able to stay on top of their classwork then their grade will fall quickly. Students are faced with two options, the first is working on their own and possibly failing because they do not know the content, and the second cheating, and possibly getting a better grade. Teachers could minimize the amount of kids cheating if they go out of their way to make sure all the kids understand the concept. But, teachers are not able to figure out which student understands the material and which do not because of cheating.

“When I’m in a group in class I end up doing most of the work,” a student said. “The other people just don’t understand it.”

There will never be a way to end cheating all together since there is no way to get everybody to understand the information. So the best thing a teacher could do is to spend more time on topics where students are struggling. By doing this the cheating should decrease because the kids will understand the information.



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Will cheating ever stop? Outlook proves doubtful