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New AP regulations

Josie Shaffer, Opinion Editor

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All students will be required to take the final for the class, even if they take the AP exam. Along with this regulation, getting a four or five on the exam will raise students’ final class grades. Getting a five on the exam may be the thing separating you from a B to an A for the final grade.

Many students are against taking the final as well as taking the AP exam. Studying for the exam takes up a large part of student’s time as the exam date got closer and closer.

“I studied my tushie off,” said Lauren Losin (‘18) when asked about her study habits for AP. Adding an additional final on top of the multiple AP exams could cause added stress that would impact how well students perform on the tests. According to Total Registration, 20.1% of students got a five  in AP Psychology, and 9.3% got fives in AP U.S. History in the 2014-15 school year.

Could adding another exam improve or worsen the scores in these classes? Teachers will be giving a previous version of their AP exams as the final for the class.

Ms. Bress, who teaches AP English 11, believes that the final would be, “good additional practice.” She, along with some teachers, are giving the final before taking the AP exam.  “We want to give everyone an opportunity to take a practice test,”  she continued to say.


Some students take past tests on their own as a study tool. But using the old exams as a final in a controlled environment can give the student a feel for what it will be like in the testing location.

Many students’ average on a three or four, depending on the class they take the test in. But is the grade boost for taking the same test twice?  “I like that it could boost my grade,” said Eva Stoller (‘18), “but it was comforting last year to know that I didn’t have to take the final and study for it.” When asked if she will study less for the AP exam with knowledge that she would be taking a mock exam as a final, Stoller answered with, “No, I’d probably take the same amount that I would before.”

Will the new AP regulations prove to be more discomforting as the 2015-16 school year continues? For now, students are more worried about studying for the individual unit tests and quizzes rather than looking at the big exams and finals that come in the spring. Whether the AP regulations are necessary or not is all up to opinion, but it looks like these regulations are here to stay for the years to come.

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New AP regulations