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Low attendance for athletic events leads to a new thought

Morgan Anthony, Online-Editor-in-Chief

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Pikesville High School takes great pride in their fall, winter, and spring athletics. However, many athletic events and games lack spectators. Majority of parents attend sporting events rather than the students of PHS. In order to boost athletic support and fix the financial problem within the athletic department, students are encouraged to attend as many sporting events as they can to cheer on their fellow peers, but with the cost of each game being three dollars, many avoid the hassle. To further encourage attendance to games, student athletes that play sports should be allowed to attend any game for free during that specific season. This means, if Sally plays a fall sport, such as field hockey, her admission to any other fall sporting event on the campus of Pikesville High School should be free. If Sally only plays field hockey and not a winter sport and attends a basketball game at PHS, then she should be expected to pay the admission fee of three dollars. Introducing this new policy to the athletic department will increase attendance, pride, and the number of people who play sports.
Home games at Pikesville High School are a chance to show off school spirit to the opposing teams, but in order to show the spirit, people have to show up and bring the noise. The more students, parents, and faculty that attend games to cheer on the home team, the more confidence the athletes gain. For example, if the boys’ basketball team has a home game, wrestlers and indoor track teammates should be allowed to attend the game for free. Allowing other athlete’s to attend for free will increase the overall attendance for games and reduce the amount of people that stand in the hallway after practice due to the lack of money for admission.
In addition to parents, the cheerleading team also attends many basketball games during the week. With only 20 cheerleaders on the team however, it is often difficult to hype up a quiet gym. The cheerleaders attend the games to cheer on the athletes and crowd, but if people do not attend, there is no crowd to cheer with. As students start to attend the events, they will bring their friends from PHS and other schools to increase the energy throughout the gym during games and hopefully create momentum for the home team.
Although some sporting events do not require admission, those that do generally have the biggest crowds. Ever since renovations started, home varsity soccer games, both girls and boys, have been moved to the fields at Pikesville Middle School. Other sports that do not require admission include field hockey, baseball, and softball. Since the biggest crowds tend to be those that require admission, allowing athletes to attend for free will only effect the income slightly. Basketball and football games, which require admission, also offer a concession stand that runs during the games that also generates money for the school regardless. With more people attending games, more food from the concession stand will be sold.
All in all, more students attending games will help with school spirit, financial problems, and overall reputation. Pikesville athletes strive greatly to showcase their talents in front of the community. With hardly any support from the crowd, the teams lack energy and motivation. In order to resolve this problem, the athletic department should allow student athletes free admission depending on the season and sports they play. Since the size of the crowds may be a gradual change, it may pose a problem to the athletic department, but the benefits outweigh the negatives.

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Low attendance for athletic events leads to a new thought