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New scheduling changes introduced

Josie Shaffer, Opinion Editor

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With second quarter near its end, the students of Pikesville High School are about to enter a new semester. This new semester signals to students that the end of the 2015-16 school year is quickly approaching. Students must now pick their schedules for the next school year, but this year the deadline for these decisions is much earlier.

This year students were given their scheduling options a month earlier than they were expecting, causing many students to panic.  Last school year students were given their options in late January, but now people are forced to pick out their classes in December. Many of these students are used to having a longer time period between receiving and choosing their schedule. Previously, students would begin to choose their classes when they got back from break and then had until the end of the month to submit their decisions. This year students were given their schedule options in the beginning of December, and were required by the next Friday to share their selections.

“I don’t know what I’m having for dinner, how would I know what I want to do for next year?” sophomore Ariella Jackson commented on the rush to create schedules.

Along with having a shorter time period to make scheduling decisions, students were supposed to meet with their counselor to talk about their plans during their social studies classes. However, many people, especially the ones who have last names at the end of the alphabet, have not yet been spoken to by their counselors about their schedules. Some students did not have enough time to talk to their counselors about their thoughts for next year. Others were able to see their counselors in the last few minutes of class, and did not have enough time to fully discuss their new schedules.

“Don’t make me turn [the schedule] in so fast and then not go over it with me,” said Lauren Losin (’18), who had just seen her counselor a few days ago. “I’ll only be prepared though because my mom is a counselor. Otherwise I would be lost.”

A positive outcome of earlier scheduling is that students have more freedom to make changes to their decisions. In past years, one’s schedule choices were set in stone right after selecting them. Now, students have more time to rethink their choices and change their classes. It was difficult in past years to try to make a scheduling change, but now students have an easier time adjusting their schedule according to their needs.

Either way, this scheduling change will most likely become a regular tradition at Pikesville High School. If you are stressed about your schedule or need help making a decision, please contact your counselor.

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New scheduling changes introduced