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Junior Prom Committee makes great advances

Aida Porter-Hyatt, Assistant Student Life Editor

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Although it seems like just yesterday that the first pep rally took place, junior prom is just around the corner. Prom has been a high school milestone since the 1930’s and is short for the word promenade, which means “a march of guests into a ballroom constituting the opening of a formal ball.” This year’s prom is especially exciting because it will be the first prom to be held in the new building.

For some people prom is one of the only enjoyable parts of high school, while others would prefer to sit on their couch and watch Netflix rather than waste money on an outfit that they will most likely wear once. Regardless, most will remember their high school prom when they reflect on their high school experience.  Not only is prom a memorable experience for students, it is also one of the school’s biggest fundraisers.

Jamie Van Wyke, the junior class president, has played a crucial role in this year’s junior prom planning. Van Wyke (’17) smiled as she said, “I am really excited about planning prom this year, we have a great team together.” So far this team has brainstormed up a few themes such as a midnight in Paris, prehistoric prom, mascaraed ball, and garden of lights. Van Wyke’s goal is for everyone to have a good time and for the cafeteria to successfully represent the theme. Her job is to delegate specific tasks in order to ensure that everything gets done in a timely fashion.

“We have worked hard to raise money,” says Van Wyke. The school has had fundraisers at least once a month to help raise money. The upcoming fundraisers will take place at Pepe’s, Tropical, Ledo’s and Bagby’s. “I am especially excited about the Tropical fundraiser, because it is a really fun place and I am hoping for a large turnout,” said Jamie.

“We sold t-shirts to raise money this year,” said Mrs. Thomas, the co-advisor of the junior class. “The whole feel of prom will be different this year because of the new building.”

This year’s prom committee is working hard to make sure that prom encompasses all that the junior class envisions. It will take place in the cafeteria and a poll will be administered to all junior English classes to decide this year’s theme. However, Van Wyke claims that the hardest part about planning this year’s prom has been the less than satisfactory attendance at fundraisers. Fortunately, last year’s senior class has left money behind which has been split throughout the grades. With a new president, new prom committee, and most importantly a new building, this year’s prom is bound to be a success.

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Junior Prom Committee makes great advances