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Students plan for upcoming spring break

Samira Annadata, News Editor

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As the end of the year approaches, finals and AP exams become even closer. Students look forward to spring break as a way to relax before they are bombarded with exams. Spring break starts on March 24th this year, and students and staff return to school on April 4th.

Many students are likely to binge watch shows on Netflix during the break. Netflix starts releasing seasons of existing shows and introduces new shows at this time. A new show that Netflix has added to its queue is Fuller House. Released on February 26th, Fuller House brings back beloved characters from Full House and introduces a new plot line that nineties kids all over the world feel excited about.

Additionally, many people go on vacation during spring break. This year, math teacher Mr. Taylor is traveling to Cancun.

“I am going to Cancun with my brother because he and his wife won a vacation there and they invited me. I’m excited to go because it is going to be nice weather and I’m pumped for the great food there. I’m extremely excited to take a break from school and give my BC Calculus kids a lot of work over break,” commented

Another option for high school students during spring break is to study for finals and any upcoming AP exams. Although this activity lacks excitement, it is necessary in order to prepare for the rigor of the exams. Many students believe that purchasing AP books and taking plenty of practice exams will familiarize them with the type of questions asked by the AP creators.

“I am probably going to study for my finals and APs, probably do some practice tests and things like that over break because there isn’t that much time between now and APs,” said Rachel Fisher (’17).

Lastly, many juniors and sophomores use this break as a time to see colleges. Seniors also use this time to visit the colleges that they were accepted to so that they can determine which college best fits their needs. If students are unable to visit colleges, virtual campus tours are also available to capture the campus atmosphere.

“I’m visiting Tulane with my dad and brother and also going to Jazz Fest. I’m super excited because I’d love to go to college in New Orleans,” said Leora Fastow (’17).

Even with upcoming exams and additional responsibilities, for many spring break remains as a time to unwind and relax. It is the last planned break before summer vacation, so students should make the most out of their time off.

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Students plan for upcoming spring break