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Basketball overnight camps

Miles Brown

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During the summer of 2016, I will be attending at least two overnight basketball camps that will help me with my skill development and prepare me for my upcoming high school season. These different camps will help immerse me in the sport so I can compete against the best players and receive the kind of focused intensive training that is essential to improvement. Camps range from around $250 to $700 based on how big they are. Their focuses include shooting, ball handling, rebounding, strength, conditioning, passing, and defense, and overall improving your game.

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Not only do these overnight camps help with  skill development, but it helps you to display your skills and become exposed to recruiting college coaches. This helps further your basketball career.

“I feel good about going because you get to meet new people and get to gain a lot of exposure from coaches. Also, I would learn from it by gaining leadership skills in many ways,” Jalen Jacox, a 10th grader at Franklin High School said.

The first camp I will be attending is the Hoop Group Elite camp in early July. I chose to sign up for this camp because I will learn the game from different coaches and gain their perspective on how to improve my game. This program is designed to attack the weaknesses I have in basketball and improve my strengths. Also, I will have the opportunity to test my skills against some of the best players from all over the country.

“My previous experiences in overnight camps have helped me become a better basketball player overall in skills and also attitude,” Ryheem Irving said.

The second camp I will be attending is the Point Guard College Camp in late July. This camp’s main focus is to help me with my ability to dribble and bring the ball up the court with the mindset of a point guard. Just because I am 6’3 in a small high school doesn’t mean I will be playing as a big man with my back to the basket 24/7. If I stay this height in college or the NBA, I will have to be a point guard so this camp will help me prepare for the future.

Overall, both of these camps will give me exposure, a chance to play against the best, and the opportunity to get better and prepare for the next high school season. Both of these camps will help my overall skill development in order to make me the best basketball player I can be so I can continue playing  in the future.

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Basketball overnight camps