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The 51st Pikesville High School commencement took place on Thursday June 2nd 2016 at Towson University. The ceremony was filled with a range of emotions. There were tears of joy, sadness, nostalgia, and, undoubtedly, lots of happiness among the attendees. The Secu arena was filled with families, friends, teachers, and other loved ones who came to support the graduates and take part in their big moments. As for this year’s graduates, they all looked stunning with their white and blue caps and gowns.

There were several phenomenal speeches at the graduation. Principle Reed proved what an amazing orator she can be as she delivered a moving, yet professional, speech to start off the celebration. She first welcomed the guests, then introduced honorable guests of the school board and PHS administration. Mrs. Reed spoke highly about the 2016 class as she praised them about the wonderful work they have done.

“Graduating panthers, you are my first class and indeed you are first class. Top shelf, undeniably gifted, and awe worthy. Never doubt that I enjoyed you, your thoughtful conversations, your brilliance, your genuine concern. You will always be very dear to me. One of the reasons why I found you so impressive is that you knew exactly what you wanted for your school. You desired to create lasting memories, a spirited school where you were unrelenting in your request to get it. You wanted to have pride, honor, and success in our school,” said Mrs. Reed.

Then she listed some of the outstanding colleges that the class been accepted into, including MIT, Towson, full rides to University of Maryland College Park, Duke, Vanderbilt, and Clark Atlanta. She noted that the class of 2016 has won an accumulative of over seven million dollars in scholarships through artistic recognitions, athletic championships, and enviable technical honors. And finally, she gave some advice to the fellow graduates for their future.

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“Today, however, I ask you not to stagnate here, you still have much to do. There is some decisions you have to make and acquisition of knowledge to be under taken. Be tenacious. Be confident, great time managers, scholars with a purpose, service oriented. Believe in yourself as a leader, a high achiever, and productive work-class completer. These qualities will be building blocks in your evitable and continued success,” said Mrs. Reed.

After the principle’s speech, the senior speaker, Maya Mordecai, gave a jaw-dropping speech that even Dr. Dallas Dance complimented, saying that Maya’s was the best student speech that he has heard. Mordecai’s speech included everything from humor to symbolism. She started with an enticing joke that captured everyone’s attention.

“Congratulations class of 2016, we now have the ability to use the bathroom between the hours of 11 and 1 on week days,” said Mordecai.

As the audience clapped, Maya continued talking about how high school is about self-discovery and that they all watched each other change and grow over the years. Her nostalgic speech was unique, personal, and inspirational for all.

Afterwards, Soraya Moss, who had been the class president for the past four years, delivered another great speech. Following Moss, Dr. Dallas Dance concluded the speeches by congratulating the class and giving them two important advices. First he told the panthers that life is one big story and that seniors are ending only one amazing chapter and beginning to write the next, so make it a great one. And secondly, he mentioned how they should never forget to say thank you to somebody because people are where they are because of families, friends, teachers, and others.

The commencement concluded after each of the panther graduates received their diplomas as their loved one cheered. The 2016 PHS graduation was a huge success because it consisted of many delightful and proud moments.

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Class of 2016 graduates