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Student restlessness

Guiliana Datnoff

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As the end of the school year quickly approaches, students are becoming unbearably restless. Brainstorming charts are being filled with question marks and homework assignments are filling the recycling bin. Despite the dwindling number of school days, these actions are not justified. The end of the school year is a decisive time for students’ grades, which they should not stop maintaining simply because they have fewer days to do so.

The upcoming summer break has caused students’ heads to drain of all valuable information. The day of the week is a mystery, and bags are being packed for vacations that are months away. No longer capable of thinking clearly, the feeling of students facing their assignments is an unexplainable mixture of apathy and exhaustion. Focusing one’s eyes on text is a growing challenge, but laying one’s head on his or her desk is increasingly easy.

“I’m frustrated. I can’t think of anything. My brain is dead!” exclaims Shahnoza Ikramova (’17), struggling to answer simple interview questions while staring vacantly at her blank paper. Ikramova is unable to do anything except doodle in place of her sapped creativity and dream about summer jobs and destinations. Plagued by her lack of energy and interest, Ikramova represents many students at Pikesville High who are exasperated by new projects and assignments they are given in some classes during these final weeks of school.

“Teachers don’t care anymore. Everyone is on their phones, wishing they were anywhere but here. I dread going to class because I can’t stand the sound of others snoring around me,” says Katia Folkart (’18).

The result of this feeling is that students are making poor decisions regarding their education. Many are skipping classes while new material is still being taught. Others have purposefully forgotten about homework, allowing their homework grades to drop drastically. Instead of completing important assignments, students are staring at the clock.

“I don’t understand why I even came to school. I do nothing. Did you know I didn’t even open my binder today? I just don’t care anymore,” continues Ikramova as her eyes are shutting in her fourth period class.

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However, there are significant consequences to this unmotivated attitude. Students who stop working now risk doing poorly fourth quarter. Skipping out on homework could drop them a whole letter grade, and skipping class frequently could make them subject to failing. Because students are constantly skipping class, the administration has implemented additional hallsweeps, so students who are late to class are unable to enter locked doors and are forced to go to the cafeteria, where they are given detentions. In addition, if students choose to skip their final, their grade automatically drops by one letter.

“I hear a swimming pool calling my name, but I’m stuck here in this hell…or prison…or mental institution filled with tests and last-minute projects,” adds Folkart.

The end of the school year is an even more important time for grades due to the diminishing amount of days left. Less time in school means fewer opportunities to redo work, make up missing assignments, and get grades up before the quarter ends. Teachers are packing in the new information for their last tests, and they are trying to squeeze in a review of all of the material before the dreaded final. These finals and last quarter grades are a large component of one’s final grade, which in turn is factored into one’s GPA. It would be foolish to put in the effort to do well for almost nine months but then ruin that progress in the final weeks.

Thus, restless students who are choosing to ignore the significance of these final weeks of school should reconsider. If they do not want to jeopardize the sum of their efforts from the whole year, students should recognize that they should continue this effort even as the school year is reduced to mere minutes. Vacations may be approaching, but so are final grades, updated GPAs, and ultimately one’s future.

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Student restlessness