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Rising seniors plan for outside education

Allen Khodab

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When rising seniors sat down to have a conversation with their guidance counselor about their schedule, most decided to have a full day of classes. However, some decided to take a partial day, to either do parallel enrollment or an internship. Parallel enrollment involves students enrolling in a college, such as CCBC or Hopkins, to take classes and receive school credit for them, as well as for the college they attend after high school. Interning is also a popular option for these students that choose to take a half day because they are able to explore various career paths.

Students this year were not just limited to a two period day schedule. They were given options such as going to school for only one “A” or “B” day for all four periods, and taking classes or doing an internship the other day. Other students who needed to take more than four classes, such as those in double engineering or double multimedia, also had the opportunity to do the same as students who only took four classes. Several students such as Ian Raich (’17) are taking a 3 period schedule. He is interning at Orthopedic Associates of Central Maryland. He is looking forward to shadowing different physical therapists and getting a better feel for the field so that he can be sure it is what he wants to pursue in college.

“I still have double engineering but I really wanted to do a physical therapy internship, so Mr. Carney and I worked out a plan for a three period a day schedule” said Raich. “It was nice to see Ms. Howie and Mr. Carney want to help me out to pursue my goal of getting an internship.”

Ian’s hours at the internship will vary due to changing sports schedule. During, the winter, he doesn’t play a sport and thus will be able to stay longer. However, during the fall, he plays badminton and lacrosse in the spring so he will only be able to stay for an hour each day before coming back for practice or games.

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Rising senior Kendall Stewart is also taking advantage of the three period day schedule by taking a three and two period daily schedule. With the second part of her day, she plans on taking classes at Hopkins University, such as Calculus 1. Although taking these classes looks very good for colleges, they can cost upwards of $7,000 per class (or per 3 credit hours).

Students taking CCBC classes such as Slade Parson (’17) are looking to get some college credits out of the way early to take less classes his freshman year of college.

“I’ve had trouble picking which classes to take because there are just so many options, but I’m leaning towards taking English, a business class, and Calc 2” said Slade. “I also have to figure out which classes the University of Maryland [his top choice] accepts for incoming freshmen.”

Emma Johnson, also a rising senior, plans to do a physical therapy internship at Kassimir Physical Therapy, also known as KPT in Pikesville. When asked what she hopes to get out of it, she said, “I’m looking forward to learning a lot about the field of physical therapy and seeing it in action.”

Whether it’s an internship or a class outside of school, students are looking forward to expanding their education outside of the typical classroom and even outside of the school.

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Rising seniors plan for outside education