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Preparing for junior year

Allen Khodab

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The end of the school year is the most exciting time of the year for most students. It marks the end of a year of hard work and the beginning of a period of great weather and memories. Summer is a great time for students to visit the beach, work, explore the world, and get ahead of the school year to come.

This summer, however, some rising juniors will be attempting to get ahead of the most rigorous year of their high school careers.

“Junior year was by far the hardest year of my high school career. There was a lot of things to balance such as maintaining a good GPA, taking SATs, and playing sports. It was very stressful but I’m glad it’s over with now, and personally, I think I managed it well,” said rising senior Jake Given.

Some rising juniors will begin studying for their standardized tests that they will be taking in the fall such as Carter Kopel and Lauren Losin.

“Some juniors told me that the end of junior year gets really packed at the end and that I should try to get my SATs done early so that I’m not as stressed around Advanced Placement test time. So, I decided to get a head start by starting to study at the end of the summer and take the first SAT in the fall” said Kopel. Losin also said that she had recently bought several ACT books from a junior to try and get her standardized tests out of the way early.

Similarly, Daniel Zafman (’18) is taking 6 AP’s and decided to get ahead this summer so that it’s less stressful during the school year.

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“I’m going to go to Barnes & Noble sometime soon to go buy my AP books. I especially want to start studying for AP Computer Science because I’ve heard that’s a pretty hard class and the AP test is also very difficult. It’ll also be Mr. Taylor’s first year teaching it so it’ll be hard for him to teach it perfectly. Studying over the summer will give me a better chance to pass the AP exam in the spring” said Zafman.

Not only are students preparing for academics over the summer, but some will be focusing on clubs and sports for their junior year. Vice president of the class of 2018, Aaron Taule, will be working on setting up some fundraisers for next year as they begin budgeting for prom.

“I hope to get some good fundraisers for our class such as Chipotle and Panera over the summer so that as soon as we get back, we can work on bringing the price of junior prom tickets down” said Taule.

Likewise, Elliot Hastie will be spending some time this summer preparing for the upcoming soccer season.

“I know it’ll be hard to get myself to train, but I’m going to try to run a mile a few times a week. I’ll also being going to a nearby elementary school to shoot on the goal there and improve my skills,” said Hastie.

Junior year will be a difficult year for all students because of its academic difficulty. It quickly becomes a very stressful year for all students with rigorous classes, standardized tests, sports, and clubs. We at the Pipeline wish all the rising juniors good luck next year.

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Preparing for junior year