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Pikesville High School’s football team is in the midst of their rebuilding process. Over the past few years, Pikesville has amounted to a plethora of losses and only a small handful of wins. Despite their recent history, the Panthers are known to have a lot of heart, and they are determined to play each game as if it were their last.

During the season, the football team holds mandatory practice each day, and occasionally takes place on the weekend. Practice begins with stretching. The players go through an extensive warm up routine to make sure they are loose enough to practice safely. Following the warm ups, either the players go straight to being divided into their respective levels (Varsity and JV), or the entire team is sent to “the sled” first. “The sled” is a large apparatus for the players to push around the field together, simulating an offensive or defensive line firing off the ball. Once they have been divided, the coaches for each level have their team run drills and execute plays until they are performed nearly to perfection.

Game day is exciting for the players. Throughout the school day, the players are eagerly waiting for the game to take place after school. They wear their jerseys to school and wear them proudly.

Routinely, for away games, the team goes down to the locker room immediately after the school day ends to quickly get dressed, gather the equipment, and get on the bus. For home games, the players either attend coach class or flock to the shopping center down Smith Avenue and hang out until it is time to get ready. Practice for the rest of the week is determined on the outcome of the game itself.

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During the rest of the school year, the players are encouraged to play other sports or work out after school in the weightlifting club. To maintain their ‘killer instinct’ and stay in the best shape, the players usually join wrestling in the winter and lacrosse in the fall. The team is also made up of student athletes, therefore the team takes their schoolwork very seriously during the academic year.

For most people, their summers are spent by the pool or at camp, but this is not the case for the football team. Over the summer, the entire team trains to compete to their highest ability in the upcoming season. They push themselves to improve their physical fitness in conditioning and to broaden their football I.Q. when running plays.

Each year, the players head into the new season with a positive attitude that they will perform better than they did in the previous season. This upbeat feeling is usually emphasized by the head coach, which for the past few seasons, has changed each year. For the first few weeks of school, the players advertise the team, and they encourage their fellow classmates to come out to support the football team. Each year, a handful of talented players are given their chance to show off their raw talent to the community, and playing on the football team is a great window of opportunity for these young athletes.

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