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There Are Two Roads in Life…Run Both

Hannah Jenarine, Assistant Grab-bag Editor

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An unknown author said, “If you don’t like our sport find one with a bench in it.  Running is a mental sport and we are all insane.  No half times.  No time-outs.  No breaks.  From start to finish…we run cross country.” Cross country is a fall sport that commands all of a runners’ energy and mental strength; it consumes all of their being.

Coaching this time-consuming sport for more than a few years, Mr. and Mrs. Hrinda cannot help to show their enthusiasm for the new season that is upon them. During this time, students of all grade levels are able to spend time outdoors participating in a competitive sport that is not only good for the body, but also for the mind; it serves as a getaway from stress, anxiety, and worry that school demands.  Running this sport for a little over half of their high school career, upperclassmen Kristinne Fragata (’17), Myshko Chumak(’17), and Aaron Taule(’18) reveal the protocols they follow to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Soaking in the sun for a little over two hours after school, coaches Mr. and Mrs. Hrinda begin the team practice with a warm up.  Students run two laps around the track, increasing their heart rates and loosening their joints in preparation for the workout ahead. This warmup is followed by plyometric drills, which strengthens their muscles.  Once they are fully warmed up they are able to complete a workout focused on either speed work, strength training, or endurance training.  Finally, after their workout, practice is finished with form running and another two laps to cool down just before static stretching.

This routine has proven beneficial to these runners as they maintain their academic and athletic responsibilities.  Senior Kristinne Fragata shares that “sports has actually helped [her].”  Without engaging in cross country, Kristinne admits that she would find herself lazing around home with nothing to do.  However, daily practice serves as an excellent time filler, which has taught her how to effectively manage her time and keep her grades soaring.

Another additional benefit is the support and encouragement they receive from their parents.  Junior Aaron Taule reveals, “My parents have always been supportive of me running cross country since the first day.  They frequently make time in their [busy] schedules to come out to races and cheer me on.”  This discloses that these athletes’ parents not only understand how important running is in their child’s life but also how it has made them more responsible.

Although they have different commitments, these athletes motivate and persuade others to join in on the cross country journey.  Senior Myshko Chumak shares inspirational words of advice to lowerclassmen, “Getting faster requires hard work.  There might not be any shortcuts to being fit or fast, but it is incredibly rewarding to see the work you put in during practice start to accumulate.  Compare yourself only to your past self- do not worry about anyone else.  In other words, stick with it!  Practical running advice tends to be boring but essential.  Talk to the coaches if you have any questions about what you should eat or wear.  The biggest tip is to support your fellow teammates.  People may not think of cross country or track as a team sport, but it’s possible to form some of the strongest friendships through running together.”

In essence, not only are these athletes receiving their proper dosage of Vitamin D, but they have also begun to develop healthy habits that will stay with them throughout their lives.  The cross country team cannot wait to kick off the season with more record holding wins than ever!




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There Are Two Roads in Life…Run Both