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The Impact of Evil Clowns on Businesses

Dennis Nazarov, Assistant Sports Editor

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Dennis Nazarov, Assistant Sports Editor

The Impact of Evil Clowns on Businesses

2016 was full of many significant events, from Brexit, to the 31st Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to the campaigning for the election of the 45th United States president. A big thing that has caught the public eye in the last couple of months is the sighting of multiple clowns. A number of people have dressed up as evil clowns and threatened society. Some of these clowns made violent threats to schools, while others robbed and assaulted adults as well as children. Clown sightings were reported in all fifty states of the United States as well as in Europe, Australia, and Latin America. These clowns have not only been a threat to society, but they have been a threat to the success of businesses around the world. Many store businesses as well as professional clowns have been negatively impacted from the evolution of these “evil clowns.”

Many businesses have endured a huge blow to their sales from the recent clown sightings. One of these businesses is Sherman’s Spirit Halloween Store. This store specializes in the selling of costumes. Clown costumes are usually top selling at that store. However, according to the manager of Sherman’s Spirit Halloween Store, “all the scary clown costumes are being returned.” She adds that people do not want to get anyone in their families shot or arrested for wearing the clown costumes. Sales have went down in the recent month as little to no people are purchasing clown costumes. Clown sightings have had such a negative impact on Target, causing them to remove clown costumes and masks from their store. Target has stopped selling clown costumes and masks for the time being to ensure the safety of their customers. According to Target spokesman Joshua Thomas, they “are against any usage of a clown-masked persona to terrorize the general public.” The withdrawal of clown masks and costumes has had a direct, negative impact on Target’s sales as they took away popular items from their store selection.



Store businesses are not the only ones that have suffered from the expansion of evil clowns in the recent months. Professional clowns have also been hurt from clown sightings. Donna Lovejoy has been known as “Ha ha the Clown” for the past 22 years, making many kids smile and laugh for over two decades. However, the recent clown sightings have changed how people view clowns. She says that, “business has slowed down so much.” She is scared that she will not be able to pay her bills as many people are hesitant to hire clowns for birthday parties and other occasions. Lovejoy also adds that clowns, in general, have been put under a bad reputation in the recent months because of the clown sightings. She says that she has had people scream at her even though she is not a scary clown. Diane Gauthier is another professional clown that has fell victim to the clown sightings. She says that her job is in jeopardy as people are a lot more skeptical to hire clowns for birthday parties and other events. She hopes that people realize the true purpose of clowns. Gauthier said, “we’re good, we’re fun, we’re magical, we’re here to bring joy and laughter and the things people need.You can’t let them win.”


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The Impact of Evil Clowns on Businesses