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Photo Courtesy of phsnursing

Photo Courtesy of phsnursing

Jamela Vidal, Double Truck Editor

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The medical field has a wide range of professions for people to pursue. The ones that immediately come to mind are doctors and physicians; however, another occupation in the medical field that tends to go unnoticed is nursing. There are various nursing positions to take into consideration when thinking about a future career, and that is what the Future Nurses of America Club raises awareness for.

The club was founded by Pikesville High School’s very own nurse, Mrs. Merani. She wanted to create an organization that exposes students to the nursing world. As well as teaches them a selection of basic skills that a nurse needs. She came up with the idea last year when she saw that some of the students that entered her office were interested in her field. Since then, many students have signed up and immersed themselves in the profession.

Photo Courtesy of Mrs. Merani

The club started in mid-September and has accomplished so much in so little time. So far, the members learned how to complete basic tests, met actual individuals in the trade, and were exposed to a real nursing program. Just recently, the members of the club were CPR certified and are also well on their way to doing a complete vital sign check with their newfound knowledge of assessing pulse rate and blood pressure from on hand simulations that they performed at the beginning of the school year. They have also met a certified nursing assistant and a student nurse that gave them a personal tour of the Towson Nursing Program this past November. There they talked to a professor and students in the program and witnessed them perform hospital simulations with automated patient dummies that talked, breathed, and blinked. Next year, the club will also offer hospital internships for senior members to truly expose them to the healthcare environment. However, this is only a fraction of what the club has completed so far.

The Future Nurses Club has achieved so much both within the Health Suite and outside of Pikesville High School, but they have also been active within the school community and its other organizations. Mrs. Merani arranged for club members to participate in this past blood drive to donate blood or shadow the nurses that took blood. The club also threw an ice cream social that welcomed all the students to raise money for and learn about their club. This spring, the Future Nurses club will also collaborate with Pikesville’s DECA club in a Health Fair. Overall, the club also serves as a great way to get in touch with the Pikesville High School community.

The Future Nurses Club is a great environment to learn about the nursing profession and be more involved with the school and its organizations. It offers great opportunities that expose students to real-life health care situations, as well as teaches them basic first aid procedures. The club meets every other Thursday and openly welcomes new members, particularly encouraging more male students to join. Nursing is a great profession for everyone and is not limited to females. To sign up, visit the Health Suite and speak to Mrs. Merani.

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Paving the Way for Nursing