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Not So Colorful Graduation

Photo Courtesy of Graduation Source

Kessler KelseyA

Photo Courtesy of Graduation Source

Kelsey Kessler, Assistant Opinion Editor

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Throughout the history of Pikesville High School, the tradition at graduation has always been that men wear the purple gowns and the women wear the white gowns. This year Pikesville decided to make all seniors wear purple gowns. With this change, there has definitely been a mix of feelings among the students.

Some students enjoy the change of the colors of the graduation gowns. Some favor the change because there are more than two genders and the one color can represent gender neutral orientation. Others believe having one color as a graduation class provides more of a sense of community.

Many students that were interviewed did not like this change. They thought the seniors should have the choice of whatever to wear purple or white to graduation because they adored having a mix of colors at graduation. People see the gown colors as a tradition, and loved the consistency of men wearing purple and women wearing white. A lot of students just want to wear white to their gradation and argue that they should have a choice.

Nevertheless, the most popular response from students is that they do not mind the change. For some seniors it does not matter what colors they will be wearing, as long as they are graduating with their friends among graduating class. They do not seem to care about this small detail of the gown color. Most students are just concerned with graduating and seeing where life will take them after school. The graduation will be a time of celebration, a time of one chapter ending and a new one beginning.

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Not So Colorful Graduation