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Photo Courtesy of Jake Fishkin

Photo Courtesy of Jake Fishkin

Ava Meltzer, Student Life Editor

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He serves the ball. He rushes into the net. He winds his arm back and slams the ball home. This hit to victory has been the experience of student and tennis player Jake Fishkin (’18) since he was only six years old.  

Fishkin began his tennis journey as a young boy after his father introduced him to the sport. Seeing his great hand eye coordination, Fishkin’s father instantly saw his potential for tennis. Alongside his father’s recognition of his son’s capability, tennis was a legacy in the Fishkin household, making tennis an inevitable sport for Jake to play. Fishkin’s father was a serious tennis player, and wanted to share the sport with his son. Although Jake was strongly pressured to play tennis, he immediately became passionate about the sport.  


Looking back on his tennis journey, Jake smiled as he said, “My dad sort of pushed tennis on me, but, I couldn’t be happier that he did.”  


Jake knew he loved tennis since he aced his first opponent and watched the ball fly pass the other player. However, it is not the sport alone that makes tennis so special for Fishkin, but also the traveling that accompanies it. Fishkin has traveled to countless countries to compete, including Italy, Russia, and Spain, and the list goes on and on. Fishkin loves experiencing the different cultures that manifest in the lifestyle of the countries he visits and in the way the locals play tennis.  


“I remember when I went to Spain to play, tennis was really different there. The courts were red clay, not the typical hard, concrete court. It felt different, but it was cool to experience playing tennis in a different way,” said Fishkin. 


Fishkin’s talent for tennis does not end with traveling; it transcends into life-long goals. The tennis star is looking at impressive colleges to play for, including Arizona State University, University of Pennsylvania, and Columbia College.  


Fishkin explained, “I want to continue to pursue tennis at a more competitive level, and playing in college if I am offered that chance.” 


Considering his talent and the vast amount of colleges interested in him, playing professionally is not a pipe dream. When asked if he would ever consider going professional, Fishkin smiled and revealed, “That’s the dream.” 


Looking into his future, the tennis star sees an endless amount of serves and drop shots. With his natural talent and ruthless dedication, Fishkin’s future in tennis is boundless. Stay tuned Pikesville- our very own may be playing in the Wimbledon one day. 

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