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Class transitions prove difficult with persistant trailer traffic

Naomi Hoch, Assistant News Editor

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Students traveling through Pikesville High School hallways, or rather walkways, are speaking out because of the traffic the new trailers are causing. PHS students remain in agreement that the new trailers create obstacles in their daily school lives, making it harder to get to class.

“The trailers make it slower to switch classes,” Gillian Greenberg (`17) said. “At the end of the day they should dismiss us much earlier.”

Though traffic in the trailers affects the returning population of PHS, it takes a large toll on the new students, who are still learning how to navigate a new school. Over the past month, the ever present traffic has continued to impede on their experiences.

“It is annoying to get out of the trailers. They should build another entrance,” Kayla Ain (`18) said. “Traffic is the worst in the morning after first period.”

Students communicated that they feel teachers and the administration have put forward effort to solve these issues, especially since lunch is now being dismissed by table. However, students still claim to be unappeased. As some students are aware, it can prove to be very difficult to travel from class to class.

“It is a hectic transition,” Breanna Gary (`18) said. “The transition is difficult to overcome with so many people.”

Students have also had to transition to a different lunch schedule. According to the general consensus, this has seemed to have been more successful, but many students remain impartial to these changes. Other students, especially those in “B” lunch, have been complementary of the new lunch set up and particularly the intervals for “B” lunch in between the class period.

“It is nice to have a break,” Sami Semiatin (`18) said. “Though it is hot in the cafeteria and I think they should open the door.”

Despite the discontent students have expressed because of new inconveniences, not all opinions relating to the new trailers have been negative. Students have shed a positive light on the new changes that have taken place and what the school has gained from them.

“The trailers affect me positively,” Aida Porter-Hyatt (`18) said. “They are air conditioned, nice, and big. They should just stagger the times of exits and have more teachers helping.”

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Class transitions prove difficult with persistant trailer traffic