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Students share mixed feelings about PHS’s block schedule

Jannah Johnson, Assistant Student Life Editor

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For the first time, Pikesville High School has instituted a block schedule for the 2014-2015 school year, and students at Pikesville High School have mixed feelings about the change. Returning students who can compare the new schedule to the old schedule shared familiar feelings. Upperclassmen feel that the new schedule is harder to adjust to and more confusing to follow.

“It’s difficult to keep track of your classes,” Alexia Black (’16) said. “If you have issues with organization the new schedule can be very difficult to handle.”

Those who oppose the new schedule feel that an extra day for homework is virtually useless because teachers assume that since students have more days to complete the homework, they should assign more of it. Also they said that the lengthened classes would prove complicated for those who had difficulty focusing and would cause them to disengage. Suta Johnson (‘15) opposes the 80-minute classes.

“80-minute classes are too long of a period,” Johnson said. “Students tend to lose focus with longer class times teachers feel the need to assign more homework and classwork.”

Nevertheless, many people feel that the schedule is easier and believe that a block schedule is more conducive to a learning environment.  Reagan McCormick (’17) feels that the new 80-minute classes are helpful.

“It helps students because you can understand what you’re learning more,” McCormick said. “The new schedule also helps you to understand your homework.”

Returning students said that they are in favor of the new schedule because it gives them an extra day for homework.  Supporters of the new “A” day “B” day schedule also feel that the lengthened 80 minute classes give them more time to understand the information and gave the teachers more time to teach the new information.

“The lengthened classes help students because it gives them more time to process the lesson,” Montel Brice (’17) said. “They can also ask questions if the material is not easily understood.”

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Students share mixed feelings about PHS’s block schedule