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Dangers of prescription drugs present new challenges for students

Jannah Johnson, Assistant Student Life Editor

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Drug use is commonly associated with being a young rebellious teenager and has been for years. Recently there has been an increase in the use of prescription drug use in teens, and opiate, stimulant and depressant use is on the rise in colleges and high schools around the nation. After randomly surveying 20 students, 45% of those interviewed confessed to having used prescription drugs in the 2013-2014 school year. These drugs included codeine, promethazine, Adderall, Ritalin and Xanax.

Every student has a different preference and reason for their drug use. One student in particuliar, said that they strongly preferred codeine. Codeine and promethazine are the opiates most commonly used for a prescription mixture known as “lean,” which causes the drinker to become very tired and lean to the side while nodding to stay awake.

“It’s easy to get, like everybody’s got it,” the student said. “It’ll put you right to sleep and it can calm you down just like a Xanax will.”

Students must also consider the likelihood of getting caught when participating in drug use.

“It’s hard to get caught with it [lean] because people think it’s just a regular drink,” The student said. “You can drink it basically anywhere.”

Although you may not run the risk of getting caught there are still plenty of risks associated with the use of codeine or promethazine including cardiac arrest, respiratory depression and addiction.

When asked about hisher personal experience with drug use, the student revealed the reason she has continued to use drugs despite the risks associated with the activity.

“It makes it easier to live in the moment, like no one’s worried about all that for real” the student said. “It’s just something to do.”

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Dangers of prescription drugs present new challenges for students