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PHS administration exercises its role in preventing student drug use

Sarah Brownstein, Student Life Editor

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Drug abuse has been a problem in the United States for centuries and has continued to be an issue recently. Even with the risks and laws regarding the recreational use of drugs, people still abuse them and find themselves addicted and unable to fully function without them in their system.

The percent of high school students who use drugs has increased over recent years. But according to Officer Joe, a law enforcement officer at Pikesville High School, schools have little control over what students do outside of school.

“School only has a student here for about eight hours a day,” Officer Joe said. “What happens those other 16 hours a day is on the individual, not the school. The school is not a parent or guardian, it is just where you go for eight hours a day to get an education.”

All students are obligated to take a semester health class at some point during their high school experience. While many students are aware of the risk they take by doing drugs, some still make the decision to use them.

“Those decisions are not only those individuals’ decisions, but are influenced by family or the people who you are around,” Officer Joe said. “Most students are smart enough not to bring drugs into school because they know there are consequences and people will intervene.”

Students are sometimes under the influence of drugs and alcohol at school events, such as school dances and sporting events. When this happens, the administration has to step in and figure out the best possible way to help the students. There are three measures that the school could take, the administration level, the guidance counselor level and the law enforcement level. PHS has an aggressive search policy, and administrators can obtain information through investigation, unknown sources or from someone’s friends.

“We have had times where students have been under the influence, mainly with alcohol, during school functions” Officer Joe said. “People come in under the influence, and obviously the first thing we do is seek medical attention. After that, we deal with it administratively or with law enforcement.”

Students can learn more about what they put into their system with research possibilities, such as the internet and books. If they do not want to do research, they can still ask others for information or pay attention in health class.

“I do not in some ways think that it is a law enforcement issue.” Officer Joe said. “It is more of a health issue, and you can get that short term high, but it is very easy to overdose, it is very easy to get sick. Research what kind of a toll drugs have on your body and what chemicals and toxins would go into your body.”

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PHS administration exercises its role in preventing student drug use